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Anno: Create a New World (AKA Anno: Dawn of Discovery) Wii

by Ubisoft
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The golden age of discovery is about to dawn and there's a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Get ready to sail the seven seas, scope out new terrain to settle, build thriving communities and watch humble hamlets grow into mighty metropolises. In this vast, absorbing and accessible strategy game, you really will get the chance to create a new world.

The year is 1404 and King George has some king-size problems keeping him awake at night. Drought and famine stalk the land and the suffering of his people pains him deeply. He instructs his two sons, William and Edward, to sally forth to set up new colonies and bring much-needed resources back to the home kingdom. You'll join the princes as they build their fledgling empire, visit the mysterious Orient, discover strange new inventions, rub shoulders with Sultans and uncover all manner of nefarious political intrigue.

You'll explore idyllic islands as you aim to find prime real estate to put down roots and create your own colonies. You'll farm the land, build roads, marshal your resources, forge trading links with other communities and learn from other cultures. The subtle and intricate way in which your empire functions mirrors the complexities of real human societies. The controls are far from complex however, with an intuitive interface tailored for the Wii Remote. There's no need to memorise masses of instructions before getting started - simply point at spots where you want to build and cycle through the accessible menu options.

As you build your empire, you can't afford to ignore your citizens' well-being. Would-be tyrants be warned - high-handed government won't win you the support you'll need to build a successful society. Rule wisely however and your people will be more than happy to stump up their taxes. Your people will also need to be protected from external threats. All your strategic skills will be called for as you take to the high seas and fight swashbuckling naval battles.

In Anno Create a New World, there's limitless scope to personalise your ever-expanding empire. You'll even be able to team up with a friend or family member in Co-Op Mode, where a second player gets the chance to grab another Wii Remote and lend support, from fighting fires to speeding up wagons on their way to market.

So get ready to expand your horizons as you embark on an endlessly-entertaining quest to create an empire that will live in legend. Anno Create a New World truly is a voyage of discovery.

  • Gripping Story Mode lets you learn the ropes before graduating onto Continuous Mode where there needs to be no limit to your empire-building ambitions.
  • Charming cartoon-style visuals make it a pleasure to watch the world you've created.
  • Co-Op Mode adds a further dimension to the fun, letting another player join in and lend support.
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