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Cover Girl PSP

by Ubisoft
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Cover Girl is aimed at a female audience and it is described as a 'way to become a Truly Fabulous Female'. The game starts by asking some personals details. You enter your name, date of birth, and your favourite music style. You then choose one of the three available female characters that will guide you through the game. The player then gets to access the Cover Girl magazine where the content is customized based on a number of questions. The game for instance asks you whether numbers or letters attempt you more, if you are in the mood for food choices or to release your inner child, and if you are more interested in being dressed to kill than deadweight dumping. The game then generates a Cover Girl magazine based on your preferences.

As a digital magazine the player can then read articles about the behaviour of men, horoscopes, recipes, do a tarot session, answer questions in a sex-o-meter quiz, consult the Manlation to get to know the behaviour of men, complete a Purse-onality quiz to find the perfect purse or do Sudoku puzzles. After going through a number of items a new issue becomes available with new content based on the same themes. It also includes a size translator to compare and convert the different clothes and shoes sizes around the world. There are 25 mini-games in total and over 100 quizzes.

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