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Crookz: The Big Heist PC

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Experience heist with a twist as Kalypso Media Digital brings you 70's swag and groove in the Crookz! After the disbandment of the gang five years since the betrayal of a member from a mission involving a famous jewelry in a Venice museum, reunite with your former comrades in weaving a plan to get even against your once trusted ally. Learn the art of stealing and break into the richest homes to get hold of the finest jewelry and live a luxurious life!

Assemble your team in this tactical strategy game and together storm into 18 extensive missions set in a colorful and funky 70’s setting. Choose your character from a gang of thieves fully equipped with camera jammers, chloroform or explosive charges and other customizable tools to help you make a perfect and stylish heist! Master your smoothest move and quick thinking in the game’s unique gameplay that requires in-depth strategy and creativity. Immerse yourself into a diverse and thrilling single player campaign or create and share challenges with other players.
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