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Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Xbox 360

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Dark Souls dungeon crawling, dragon brawling, tension-filled action features fearsome enemy encounters in an complex world full of extreme battles, rewarding challenges, nuanced weaponry, and powerful magic, while offering players the flexibility to customize each character to suit any desired play style. The innovative online component allows gamers to draw from the collective experience of the Dark Souls community as they either help or sabotage each other on the journey through the world of Lordran to save the land from darkness. With a massive, open-world design, Dark Souls encourages deep exploration and an adaptable gameplay experience.

The Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will include both physical inbox content and all the new features of the ‘Artorias of the Abyss’ add-on game content; an additional challenging adventure for stalwart heroes to face as they return to the deadly world of Lordran. Players will experience an as yet untold chapter in Dark Souls lore set in the dying kingdom of magic known as Oolacile. Unwillingly taken by the abyss and sent back in time, the player becomes the only one who can save Oolacile from the spreading darkness that threatens to engulf the kingdom and all of its people.
  • New Bosses Including Artorias of Abyss, Chimera of Tomb, and more.
  • PVP Online Matchmaking System Quick matching for co-op or PVP.
  • New Areas Including Oolacile Tomb, Old Ruins and more.
  • New Enemies Including Abyss Guard, Chained Prisoner and more.
  • New NPCs Including Hawkeye Gough and more.
  • New Weapons and Armor Equip some from the new bosses, enemies, and NPCs.
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