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Dead Space 2 (Classics) Xbox 360

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In Dead Space 2, the hero of the first part, the engineer Isaac Clarke, again faces unimaginable horrors and dangers in a space installation called the Sprawl. As the sole survivor of the nightmarish alien threat, he must now once again face the grotesque necromorphs, armed with his plasma cutter as well as a new arsenal of tool-weapons. And when even those aren't enough - blow up the station's casing and launch the creatures straight into space. Many new enemies await, more epic and terrifying battles and a memorable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat, once again raising the bar in the survival-horror genre.

Get ready for electrifying battles even in zero gravity, in which you will have to accurately estimate your reserves of compressed air and solve various puzzles, relying on your good orientation in three-dimensional spaces and the physics simulation that determines the behavior of objects around you. Get Isaac out alive and embark on an even bigger challenge – your friends and players from around the world will compete in online multiplayer modes.
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