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Eyepet PSP

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Keeping a pet is a lot easier when they don't really exist. There's no scratched furniture or unpleasant messes to clear up with the EyePet - and he's lot a cleverer then a pet hamster. Using the PlayStation Eye camera, you can watch as your own unique pet grows and evolves, learning new skills as you teach him.
The PlayStation Eye superimposes you and your EyePet into the same scene on TV, allowing you both to interact and play together. Throw him a ball and he'll catch it, clap your hands or speak to him and he'll respond - or reach out and tickle his belly and see him squeal with delight.

You can even draw an object on a piece of paper - like a spaceship or a car - and have the PlayStation Eye scan it in and turn into a virtual object that the EyePet can play with. Owning a pet has suddenly gone high tech.

Key Features:
21st century pet: Interact and play with your own unique virtual pet via the PlayStation Eye camera, just as if he was a real creature.
Augmented reality: Watch as the EyePet reacts to your commands, recognises the objects you show him and even purrs with happiness when you stroke him.
Virtual pet shop: Customise your EyePet with hundreds of different accessories, from clothes and new fur patterns to dozens of different toys.
Egg him on: Watch your pet hatch from an egg and grow from cute baby to highly intelligent adult. Even his fur and other features change over time.
Paper craft: Create new toys and objects for your pet to play with simply by drawing them on a piece of paper and scanning them into the PlayStation Eye.
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