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Family Trainer Switch

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Get ready to take on the Great outdoors anywhere now that family Trainer is back on the Nintendo Switch! From Kayaking to obstacle-filled races, you will engage in real-life exercises to complete a variety of fun mini games. Improve your teamwork skills and your hand-eye coordination with the Nintendo Joy-Con and leg strap! Play over a dozen single and multiplayer challenges. Simple controls allow for easy-to-pick-up games that anyone can enjoy. With family Trainer, you can bring the adventure wherever you go! 

Get active - Jump, run, squat, and stomp your way through a variety of heart-pumping minigames.

A dozen unique mini-games to explore - from river-crafting to mine-cart racing, you will jump over falling tree Trunks and become a Kayaking Pro in no time!

Play solo or with a friend - whether you'd rather tackle the challenges together or compete against each other, there are Lots of ways to reach the highest score!

Perfect movement recognition - With your leg strap and Joy Cons, all of your real-life movements get precisely carried-out in-game.

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