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Far Cry 4 PS4

by Ubisoft
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The Best Yet in the Far Cry Series:

For the first time inFar Cry– or even video gaming for that matter – the exotic locals of Nepal, specifically the Himalayan mountains, will be the backdrop inFar Cry 4. Introducing Ajay Ghale as the first-ever Nepalese protagonist, the open-world nature ofFar Crynow sees new horizons.

Fans of the Far Cryseries will be pleased to know that the developers have every intent in making 4 a new experience, especially when compared to 3. Whereas inFar Cry 3, character freedom compromised time-sensitive situations ending in loss of immersion,Far Cry 4now promises a tighter balance between exploration and mandatory story-based events. As well, to add to this, there are fewer protagonist voiceovers; there is also an addition of dark humor bringing a new factor of enjoyment.

While the sound standard gun combat with many weapons is still there, one of the more exciting features is the weaponization of local animals. Ride an elephant into the fray and overthrow foes in their vehicles!

All the previous mechanics return as well, from stealth to hang gliding to exploring hidden secrets and mysterious areas. If all this sounds interesting, the icing on the cake is the co-op multiplayer, made even sweeter by letting a friend play online even if they don't have a copy themselves!
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