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Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Italian Box - Multi Lang In Game)PS3

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 begins three years after the previous episode ended.

At the end of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning is pulled by a mysterious force into Valhalla, a city that stands in the alternate dimension.

While the girl talks to the Goddess Etro, on the beach there is a boy, Caius, who walks slowly into the sea, evoking monstrous figures from the water, which wreak havoc. The two can't help but fight each other.

During their fight Lightning summons Odin and Caius transforms into a Chaos Bahamut. At a certain point a gap opens in which a boy floats, whom Lightning seems to know and who runs to rescue before Caius' fury can overwhelm him. Noel Kreiss, one of the two protagonists of Final Fantasy XIII-2, previously appeared in a vision of the girl.

Noel is there because Lightning has heard his prayers, with which he asked for a miracle: not to be alone anymore. The young man comes from a future in which there are no more human beings, he was the last child to be born and has seen all the people he knew die, one after the other. After defeating Caius, Lightning explains to him that there is a way to make things right, but he has to fulfill a mission for her: to find her sister Serah, who lives on Gran Pulse, where everyone believes Lightning is. dead.

Noel accepts the mission entrusted to him by Lightning and leaves, along with a small Moogle in search of Serah. The scene shifts to New Bodhum where Serah wakes up to find that her clothes have changed. The village was attacked by monsters from Pulse. Serah is saved by Noel and gives her the little Mog. The boy convinces Serah that Lightning is alive and together they set out to find her. As in Final Fantasy XIII-2, the game uses a variant of Active Time Battle (ATB).

You can also change the difficulty level of the battles. During battles, the player will be able to use short-lived events, called "Cinematic Action", to inflict greater damage on enemies. You can also tame a monster and use it as an ally in battle, creating new special combined moves with it. Monsters will no longer be visible on the map like in Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, but will appear when the player approaches. As soon as the monster appears on the screen, a dial called "Mog Clock" appears: it grants various bonuses or penalties based on the time taken to start the battle.