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Gangs of London PSP

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  • Pick from 5 different gangs bosses and witness the plot unfold in a series of graphic novel narratives
  • Control gangsters and swap between them on the fly, in explosive urban combat
  • Over 60 missions with shooting, tactical battles and various driving challenges -- all in a photo-realistic London
  • Free roaming gameplay, as you explore some of the most dangerous areas of the Underground
  • Unique mini-games like Strategy Card, Tourist mode, British pub games (pool, cards, darts, chess, skittles) and more

The Getaway series expands onto mobiles with an all-new spin-off that marries strategic grabs for territory with all out gang violence on the streets of the capital. With a suite of multiplayer modes and a 60 level single player this will keep you playing longer than the PS2 originals. Although its set in the same universe as The Getaway this is no simple port or sequel, but a whole new game that moves away from the series Grand Theft Auto inspired roots.

Although the game does feature vehicle driving its more focused on combat as you take down enemies with a range of guns and other weapons even using passers-bys as human shields. Theres also a strong tactical element to the game as you ferry fellow gang members across town to act as back-up in the most hotly contested areas of the city. And if you ever get sick of that theres even a bunch of two player pub mini-games to relax with, including darts and skittles.

Choose from five different gangs and witness the story unfold. Engage in tactical urban combat and swap between gang members on the fly. Over 60 missions that offer a mix of shooting, tactical battles and multiple driving challenges. Story Mode allows players choose the gang they want to lead and must use strategy and skill to stay one step ahead of the opposing gangs.

Gang Battle mode provides gamers with an interactive map on which they must use criminal force to attack and defend areas of London. Gang Battle mode can be played with 1-5 players on a single PSP system. Free Roaming mode allows players to explore and tackle the streets of London on their own terms as they choose between a variety of characters, vehicles, weapons, time of day, and police levels. Tourist Mode tasks players with exploring and photographing the city's most famous landmarks to unlock game extras.