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Golazo! 2 Deluxe - Complete Edition PS5

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Golazo! 2 Deluxe - Complete Edition includes a special case, a different holographic card for each platform, and an exclusive code to download alternative covers. This boxed edition will also include three additional DLCs. The first is Soccer Cup 2022, an exciting DLC featuring the Qatar 22 Tournament. Next, there is Pixel Cup Soccer, the second DLC that offers the fascinating Pixel Cup. This competition stands out for adding a pixel art filter and a top-down perspective, providing a unique visual experience. Last but not least, Ultimate League, the third DLC, introduces a thrilling League featuring the best clubs. It is worth noting that it will be available in physical format before the digital version.

Golazo! 2 Deluxe - Complete Edition recalls the glory days of arcade soccer games, bringing back memories of genre cult classics. Street fields and mechanics are also added to this second installment providing even more depth. Undoubtedly, the perfect game to enjoy great matches with friends and family.

Simply, sit on the couch and play!
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