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Grease Dance - Move PS3

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For years, Grease fans have wanted to become more than just viewers of the iconic film. Some may dress up as their favourite characters (which is arguably going a little too far) but now everyone can take part in their favourite fifties cheese-fest with Grease Dance! Take your favourite character, plug in your Kinect and get ready to do the Hand Jive (and many more classic dances besides)!

With 15 different dance routines taken from the movie, you'll be moving around the room in no time as you relive your favourite Grease scenes. Everything from a solo practice mode to Party Play for up to eight Beauty School Dropouts is included, but that's not all. There's also a full-on karaoke mode included with twenty songs from the film for you and your friends to croon along to. It's electrifying!

Fans will even get to experience eight mini games based on key scenes from Grease, including repairing Greased Lightning and driving her for pink slips in the Thunder Road Race. Maybe you'd prefer Frenchie's Sleepover or the Hand Jive Hop? Whatever you're looking for, the discerning Grease aficionado will be well served with Grease Dance. Off you get into your flying car, now.
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