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Grid - Day One Edition Xbox One

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GRID is back - a racing experience like no other! GRID stands for adrenaline-driven head-to-head races in which the driving style of the players is not determined by an ideal line. Write your own racing story and conquer the world of motorsport! The GRID World Series challenges you to take a seat behind the wheel of the most beautiful and legendary cars in the world and prevail in adrenaline-packed races in the fight for the top position on the most daring slopes in the world. The different vehicle classes from GT to touring, muscle cars and stock car vehicles make your pulse fast and transform your blood in the veins into boiling gasoline that makes your racing heart's cylinders glow.
In the spectacular races, GRID captures those film-ready moments that make a truly thrilling race, from the onset of the adrenaline rush when the start lights go out to the redeeming wink with the chequered flag at the finish - and in between there is nothing but concentrated action. Hairy overtaking manoeuvres, daring remplers and spectacular carambolages line up almost seamlessly in GRID and let even the most dramatic Hollywood blockbusters look like three-wheel races. Destroying total damage is not only an option but a solution when your opponents, unfair team mates or their absolute arch rival try to push you and your team from your path to deserved victory and thus become the GRID World Series Champion. Limited first edition including carbon paint for the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 with extra XP boost!
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