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Grid Xbox One

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Capturing intense moment to moment racing action, grid returns with an all-new experience where every race is the chance to choose your own path, create your own story and define your legacy in the motorsport world.From the creators of the hugely successful dirt and F1 series, Codemasters invites you to take your place in the grid world Series and compete in intense wheel-towheel racing with the most iconic and desirable race cars current and classic, from gt through touring and muscle to stock and Super modifieds and in some of the world's most iconic locations.Grid captures every moment of the race, from the adrenaline rush of lights-out to the elation at the chequered Flag and in-between, it's all action too. Incidents come one right after the other tight overtake, bumper to bumper scrapes and competitive collisions all heightened by rivalries, team-mates and a nemesis driver who will all either try to help or hinder your progress as you achieve your goal of becoming the grid world Series champion.

Create your story, define your legacy, choose from 6 main career paths all leading to the grid world series, plus additional Showdown events.

Race the greats, both current and classic, across a huge array of vehicle classes.

Race craft-an innovative moment-to-moment scoring system that rewards players for technical, Skilful or brave racing.

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