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Just Cause 2 (Essentials) PS3

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Rico Rodriguez returns for a fresh dose of explosive action with more stunts, vehicles and weapons than before on the island of Panau, spanning over 1,000 square kilometers and offering diverse environments – desert terrain, dense jungles and even snow-capped peaks. Players are once again given unprecedented freedom to move around the vast, toxic world and tackle their tasks in the order they choose and in the way they prefer. And there will be no shortage of tasks - the island nation of Panau is an arena of enmity and open clashes between various criminal gangs, which, however, pale before the actions of the mindless dictator Baby Panay, whose repressive machine keeps his own people in subjection. Amidst this seemingly stabilized chaos, your old friend and mentor Tom Sheldon disappears without a trace with classified information and large sums of money, property of the Agency. Rico Rodriguez's skills are once again highly valued and in demand. A risky mission is ahead that will shake up the island.

  • Viva le revolution: Help your lone revolutionary to liberate an entire island from an evil dictator, although how much is left of it when you're done is up to you.
  • New hook: Get to grips with the new grappling hook and parachute combo to attach yourself or your enemies to moving vehicles and create the most dangerous stunts in gaming.
  • Transport tycoon: Take control of more than 100 different vehicles - from speedboats to jeeps, tanks and even the new Boeing 737 as you journey across Panau.
  • Even opponent: All-new artificial intelligence makes every mission different, with enemies that plan ahead and co-operate and an adaptive difficulty system that adjusts to your ability.
  • Treasure island: 100 square miles of tropical paradise are yours to explore (and blow up) with climates ranging from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches and dense cities.
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