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Kung-Fu: High Impact (Kinect) (Italian Box - English in Game) Xbox 360

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Are you ready to kick some serious ass?! Step inside the coolest, most impressive and magnificently entertaining adventure known to man. With the power of Kinect, Kung-Fu High Impact scans YOU inside a world of pulp action comics to kick, punch and shoot lightning from your hands like never before. Literally become a super-powered kung-Fu hero and experience the intense action of the coolest full-body motion fighting game to date!

Make yourself a legend in a brand new story full of new features, levels, enemies, super powers and a renewed visual style. Star in a comic book adventure, create custom fights and test your skills in all new survival modes. Kung-Fu High Impact is fun to play and fun to watch. Whether you play solo or with friends, Kung-Fu High Impact allows you to kick ass on a whole new level.
  • Be the hero: Fight as yourself with boosted abilities.
  • Freedom of movement: Kick, punch, jump kick, make flips, shoot arrows, smash your enemies and wreak havoc.
  • Star in your own comic book adventure!
  • Play together: Fun to play & fun to watch + up to 5 player simultaneous multiplayer.
  • An extensive Kung-Fu story, custom battles, story comics and epic survival modes.
  • Varied levels and enemies - use your moves, powers, items and bonuses to fight everything from small creatures to giants.
  • 14 levels + hand painted look for the comic book realm.
  • 16 smart enemies that require the player to adapt his approach.
  • Interactive elements such as breakable surroundings.
  • Super powers and bonus items: magic bow, double damage, mana boost, etc.
  • Many other awesome abilities such as blocking and slow motion close ups.
  • 46 achievements worth 1000 points!
  • Challenge your friends' score and earn bragging rights on the online leaderboards!
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