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Lego City Undercover (Selects) Wii U

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Spring into action as a super cop and bring the crooks of LEGO® CITY to justice! LEGO® CITY Undercover on Wii U offers all the classic gameplay, awesome action and unique humour players have come to expect from LEGO video games – and a whole lot more too. This action title combines platforming, puzzles, exploration, combat, HD visuals and an original story with plenty of laughs. Featuring heaps of thrilling missions, over 100 unlockable vehicles and unlockable characters too, LEGO® CITY sure is a busy place to hang out!

As legendary police officer Chase McCain – an expert in disguises who's also a skilled free-runner – you’ll go undercover on the trail of escaped criminal Rex Fury. Use different outfits and a variety of skills to hunt down that jailbird and put him back in the slammer!

Chase can step into the shoes of a Miner, Construction Worker, Robber, Fireman, Farmer and more. As a Police Officer in uniform Chase can use his Communicator device to search the area for clues or snap pics of suspects, and his Grapple Gun helps him reach higher areas, swing on poles, or pull things down. As a Miner, Chase can smash boulders and use dynamite – sure to be an explosive experience! Whether it’s solving puzzles, accessing secret areas, or following the story, each disguise is bound to come in handy.

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