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Lifesigns: Hospital Affairs NDS

by Jowood
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Life Signs: Hosptial Affairs is an original, exciting and portable adventure game for the Nintendo DS that allows you to experience what it's like to be a top doctor in one of the best hospitals around. Just like on television, you'll be continuously confronted with interpersonal issues between you and your staff and you'll need to resolve them as quickly and professionally as possible. Of course, you'll also have the opportunity to operate on those who need your help the most. By using the DS' unique touchscreen, you will be able to communicate, examine, diagnose and operate on many of the hospital's patients.

Become a young and popular doctor and live the everyday life in hospital with surgeries and human drama like in TV soaps. Use Nintendo DS touchscreen for examination, operation and for communicating with patients and colleagues.

  • Surgeries of patients can be executed by using the touchscreen
  • Human drama similar to TV soaps and telenovelas (love, intrigues, collision, power and saving people)
  • Communication system by touchscreen
  • Mini games to allow variety in gameplay (snake hunt, cooking and fishing)
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