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Lords of the Fallen - Limited Edition (French Box - but all languages in game) Xbox One

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Humans Vs. the Fallen Gods:
Fans of Dark Souls and Demon Souls will be ravished by this next-gen fantasy action RPG titled Lords of the Fallen! Set 8,000 years after human beings fought and defeated a God and his army, Players take on the role of the massive hero Harkin and fight the Lords and Generals of a demonic army of different shapes and sizes; aside from brawn, solve mystifying puzzles before the Lords can conquer humanity once again.

Challenging but Not Punishing:
Players can choose from one of three classes: Warrior, Rogue, or Cleric to determine which magic spell players have at their sleeves. Each class has its own skill specialty, giving the players the option to play with ranged spell attacks, heavier damage or stealth-based powers. Also, Lords of the Fallen will feature a strong immersive exploration connected by a world map. Players will lurk through halls and tunnels of castles and monasteries in search of new weapons, armor, and craftable items, searching for shortcuts and alternative courses to sneak up on enemies.

Lords of the Fallen will feature a methodical give and take of blows, blocks, and dodges, giving players challenging but not punishing fights. Lords of the Fallen will test players’ creativity and strategic ways of defeating enemies.

Medieval fantasy world: Filled with chaos and lethal danger, where player never feels safe.

he full history of both world and the player character unveils and dramatically changes throughout the gameplay.

Fighting against the formidable Lords and Generals: Even regular opponents make up a challenging duels.Over 15 boss encounters including giant beasts. Opponents include both supernatural beings and humans.

The combat system with many complex skills: Large variety of tactical medievalbased weapon fighting techniques. Powerful and spectacular supernatural skills.

Large variety of items and gear: Classes of gear: Warrior, Rogue, Cleric. Tons of hidden objects and locations and Freedom of mixing different classes for both gear and skills.

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