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Make 10: A Journey Of Numbers NDS

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Travel to a magical land where your mathematical mind will be stretched by fun challenges that all centre on a very special number. As the title of the game suggests, that special number is 10, and in order to assist the fairy folk of Make 10 Land, you’ll have to solve tricky maths problems where the answer is always the same but the solution isn’t necessarily so simple!

Making use of the Nintendo DS Touch Screen, Make 10: A journey of numbers includes more than 30 different numbers exercises that call on you to combine maths and logic as you add, subtract and multiply to Make 10! Inspiring you on your journey are the zany inhabitants of Make 10 Land, who will compete with you as you hone your craft and point you in the direction of new challenges.

Among the challenges you’ll face in Make 10 Land are Do We Make Ten, Addition or Subtraction and Stone Placement Ten. In Do We Make Ten, you’ll need to think fast as you decide whether or not the numbers displayed by the fairies add up to 10 or a multiple of 10 before your time runs out. Addition or Subtraction calls on you to place + and symbols in the right places to create 10, whilst Stone Placement Ten has you using rocks to cover over numbers that don’t aid you in your ultimate goal of reaching the magic number.

A range of difficulty levels mean that you can test yourself with puzzling problems that match your maths prowess, facing progressively tougher challenges as you seek out the Make 10 Masters of which, by the way, there are only nine. You can also give your friends a taste of the Make 10 formula via DS Download Play, wirelessley sending three different challenges from your DS to theirs.

With storybook style graphics, quirky characters and a set of exercises that ensure you have fun stretching your brain, Make 10 is a journey of adventure, as well as of numbers.
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