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Mass Effect 3 (BBFC) PS3

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Not everyone will survive. An ancient race of aliens known as the "Reapers" have launched an all-out invasion, leaving a trail of destruction. Earth has been taken, the galaxy is on the brink of destruction, and you're the only one who can stop them. The price of defeat is annihilation. You are Commander Shephard, a character you can shape after yourself.

You decide how events will develop, which planets you will explore and who you will ally with in the attempt to eliminate the reaper threat once and for all. How you wage this war is entirely up to you: dive headfirst into the battles or sneak your way with tactical shrewdness. Take advantage of your crew as a united group or fight as a lone wolf. Spread death and destruction from afar or fight your enemies hand-to-hand using bloody melee weapons. Mass Effect 3 will react to your every decision while you become part of a unique and personal gaming experience in every way.

  • An engaging and personal narrative: experience an epic sci-fi adventure with multiple possible endings determined by your choices and actions throughout the game.
  • A vast universe: Fight your way through a multitude of worlds spread across the galaxy as you try to assemble the ultimate fighting force in the attempt to retake Earth before it's too late.
  • Numerous and intelligent enemies: Fight huge enemies and face smarter opponents who will constantly challenge even your most well-thought-out war strategies in nail-bitingly exciting showdowns.
  • Access a Customizable Weapon Arsenal: Customize each weapon with devastating upgrades including scopes, extra barrels and dozens of other unique accessories. Each weapon has its own powerful effect and visual flair.
  • Spread death and destruction from afar or fight hand-to-hand: Adjust your soldiers and battlegroups to attack the enemy YOUR way. A huge selection of weapons, skills and equipment allows you to fight your opponents exactly the way you want.