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Mindjack PS3

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Mindjack takes place in the future. We are counting the year 2031. Governments are falling and corrupt corporations are taking over the world. The story of Mindjack revolves around agents who operate in secret. It's up to the player to 'hack' enemy vehicles, or enemies themselves! The unique aspect of Mindjack is in the fusion of the online game mode and the adventure you go through on your own. As an agent it is the intention that you find information. You do this, among other things, by hacking into the brains of enemies. This makes it possible to control any enemy and vehicle. In this way, every character in the game world is an opportunity. That applies to your own story, but also to the online game mode. So everyone participates in this new form of war. During the game you carry out assignments. This earns you points to expand your own powers. You can make the choice for these powers in such a way that it benefits your own playing style. When you go on an adventure, you have to watch out for other gamers who have hacked their way into your game. They can also take over your body!
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