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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Burst Forth!! Choro-gon Breath (#) Switch

by Aksys
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 Escape from the PC! After receiving a cryptic email, Miss Kobayashi and her maids go to Takiyas house to investigate. The computer starts to ip out and a bright light emits forth and when they all come back to their senses, they realize that theyve been mysteriously (and overdramatically, lets face it) sucked into the PC. Help them clear stages by banding together and using their wits (and skills) to defeat the computer. Clear all the stages and defeat the bosses to escape from the game!

Using the 3-fold attack system of Long Range, Melee and the unique and deadly Choro-gon Breath (theyre dragons, get it?), youll obliterate the enemy!

Combine the power of three with the Tag System by using Tohru, Kanna, and Elma to tackle each stage with Kobayashis support. Theres no enemy they cant defeat!

In certain conditions, activate the dragons Raging Spark which elevates the attack parameters to deal even deadlier damage!

As you progress, collect 30 unique Memorial Pieces of the friends precious daily life in beautiful illustrations created especially for the game!

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