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Need for Speed Carbon (USA) (Region Free) PS3

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"Need for Speed: Carbon" for the Sony PlayStation 3 brings the next generation of adrenaline filled street racing to your hands. Developed by Electronic Arts, this game for the PS3 continues the classic "Need for Speed" franchise. It changes the main focus from individual drivers to larger gangs of racers. You will have the opportunity to gather your crew and risk everything to secure your city and take on your rivals from other cities fiercely on the streets. When you start career mode, you have the option to choose from a number of different classes, which remains permanent as you proceed through the game and take on the various challenges. The majority of the action in this game for the PS3 lies in the Canyon Events, which are based on famous Touge races in Japan. Canyon Events consist of Canyon Duels, Canyon Sprints, Canyon Drifts, and Canyon Checkpoints. Some of the events have multiple stages while the Canyon Drifts and Canyon Duels are reminiscent of popular racing movies. "Need for Speed: Carbon" players need to keep up with their opponents and make sure that they do not steer too close to cliff edges or other obstacles in order to avoid losing objectives. Critics have hailed "Need for Speed: Carbon" as one of the most enjoyable driving games released for the PS3. The game does not contain too many additional side quests or gameplay options like some other games do. Instead, it relies on solid and exciting action to keep gamers hooked. Drivers can pick from one of 50 customizable cars and take over their neighborhoods one block at a time. When the police hit the street, the heat shifts to Carbon Canyon where there is a high possibility of losing territories, but you must survive to keep your gang together and unlock additional content. You can create the car of your dreams following a sleek, modern style, or you can throw together the highest quality parts to create a metal monstrosity that can decimate your opponents. "Need for Speed: Carbon" drivers who are interested in optimizing the decoration process can simply use the Autosculpt car customization tool. This allows players to focus on the smaller details of the car, such as the hood, front, rear bumpers, and more. Players can also customize based on their car's unique type as there are features dedicated to muscle, exotic, and tuner cars. If you have ever wanted to play against your friends and turn the classic game into a multiplayer party, you can go to the Quick Race section to change the mode from Solo to Split Screen. With the settings enabled, you can proceed to pick the map and other parameters to enjoy all of the same "Need for Speed: Carbon" action with your friends. If you are interested in improving your own prowess with different exotic vehicles, you can just fire up the Quick Race mode yourself and compete against the clock. No matter how you play, "Need for Speed: Carbon" can become a party favorite, especially with the new and improved PS3 graphics. You can enjoy hours of racing with this exciting game for the PlayStation 3.
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