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Oil Tycoon Simulator PC

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If there's one thing that unites the entire Western youth, it's the illusion that at some point in their lives, they're going to become a movie god, rock star or some other substantially well endowed type of person. It's not until you actually go out and try to get a job that you realise you're going to be lucky to afford a packet of polo's and a bucket. So to relieve the frustrated millions who can't have what they think they deserve, Blackstar have come up with Oil Tycoon, a game where you play around with obscene amounts of money in order to make even more obscene amounts of money.

You start out with a cool 6 million dollars in the bank and your goal is to make some more. To do this, you first have to find oil. As the world is your oyster at the start of the game, you can pick just about any country you like the look of and apply for drilling rights. Once your diggers have found some of the black stuff, you can start pumping it up, piping it to your warehouse and flogging it to the nearest refinery for a small fortune.

Unfortunately it's not quite so simple. You've got to employ staff, make sure they have all the right equipment and hire a team of engineers to run around and plan things with rulers. You also have to make sure the staff are happy, well fed and looked after by a team of security guards. No security means they'll be vulnerable to enemy saboteurs who can blow up the oil plant and put paid to your plans for glory.
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