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Okami HD Xbox One

by Capcom
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Okami HD opens with a story about the goddess Shiranui, a white wolf, who joins forces with the great swordsman Nagi to take on an eight-headed demon named Orochi who is harassing the village of Kamiki. Shiranui and Nagi fail to defeat the beast, but manage to trap it. Unfortunately, the wolf goddess turns out to be poisoned and dies. In honor of the wolf's heroism, the villagers build a shrine with a statue of Shiranui inside.

One hundred years later, an arrogant descendant of Nagi breaks the seal of Orochi to prove the legend is baseless, but instead the dark force escapes and all of Nippon falls prey to the curse of darkness once again.

To fight the darkness, Kamiki's wood elf Sakuya uses her remaining power to return the sun goddess, at which point the wolf statue is brought to life.

Armed with a divine brush, you must criss-cross Nippon as Amaterasu, the reincarnated sun goddess. Provide peace and tranquility and defeat the evil of Orochi.
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