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Pups & Purrs: Pet Shop Switch

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These adorable animals need a forever home - help care for them each day at the pet shop. Pups & Purrs Pet Shop is a simulation game in which you can have the dream job you’ve always wanted taking care of cute friends. Various breeds of puppies and kittens will need your care in the pet shop. Working in the Pet Shop, you can feed, bathe, brush and play with the cute and cuddly little dogs and cats. Daily chores will keep the store sparkling clean and animals happy. As a Pet Shop employee, you can customize your hair, and face and even make fashion statements with your apparel. You can also choose adorable accessories for your favorite pets!

20 dierent mini-games will test your skills at managing the Pet Shop.

Collect badges by completing various challenges and unlock toys and objects in the store.

18 lovable breeds of dogs and cats are now available in game!

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