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Sacred 3 - First Edition Xbox 360

by Ascaron
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A love letter to the days of 4-player arcade hack and slash action, Sacred 3 is made for friends who just feel like slaying hordes of fantastical creatures together.

With 4 different heroes to choose from, each with their own move set, class-specific items, and special moves, Defend the weak and destroy the forces of evil while exploring intricate dungeons and ethereal locations. Take advantage of the game’s four-player co-op, as players can combine their powers to create powerful combinations leaving no foe alive.

There is also a dynamic weapon spirit system in which players can empower and upgrade their weapons; through leveling up and customizing a character, players will become the hero they want to be.

In the First Edition, included are the Underworld Story DLC and an extra hero DLC - the Malakhim Hero DLC!
  • Next installment in the successful Sacred series.
  • Action-RPG with breathtaking visuals, spectacular effects and highly motivating gameplay.
  • Deep, immersive universe with rich lore and distinct cultures.
  • Competitive multiplayer mode and countless online community features.
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