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Screamride (USA) (Region Free) Xbox 360

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From the creators that brought us the hit Rollercoaster Tycoon, Frontier Developments will again be bringing the thrills, excitement and insane rush of adrenaline into the comforts of your couches in Screamride! Build, ride and crash in this crazily fun game with physics-based destruction, over the top cinematic collisions, and impressive high definition graphics that will keep you glued to your Xbox 360 / Xbox One for hours. Dare try and keep it together in this action-packed physics-based coaster game that will push anyone to their limits to his limits.

Imagine riding on a fantasy rollercoaster, with extreme heights and dizzying loops… now build it! Screamride lets players build their dream roller coaster using tons of customizable building components that can defy reality! Build and ride them to the brink, break the laws of physics, and unlock more than 50 challenging levels! Play online and dominate the leaderboards, or race other riding coasters as fast as possible and gain the top "scream rating".

Make all your screams come true in Screamride, featuring three gameplay modes that will bring players to the ride of their lives -, the Engineer, Screamrider, and Demolition Expert. Be the Engineer of your own roller coaster and thrill rides while solving construction puzzles in order to create coasters, amusements, and environments from the ground-up. The Screamrider mode will give players control to ride and enjoy the coasters they’ve created. Gain points in Demolition Expert mode by demolishing the environments and objects! Destroying the coaster will also lead to the destruction of buildings like rocketing players off the tracks and into towering structures that crumble upon impact, all in unprecedented levels of destruction!