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Screamride Xbox 360

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Released exclusively on Microsoft consoles (Xbox One and Xbox 360), ScreamRide redefines the action-builder genre with its unique balance of creation, addictive gameplay and destruction. Use your imagination to build extreme roller coasters and environments from the ground up, sit in one of the carts and try to go as fast as possible over the selected track, share your creations with friends or destroy everything you have built before with the help of amazing physics.

Create adrenaline-pumping attractions and share them on Xbox One with friends and the community via Xbox Live. Challenge your friends and see who is the best among you. Complete a variety of amazing levels or compete with friends on global leaderboards. In addition to the "Level Maker" editing tool, players can either specialize in one profession (Engineer, Test Driver or Demolition Expert) or master all three as they climb the career ladder. ScreamRide offers unbridled creation, extreme destruction and addictive gameplay, all packed into over 50 levels, three unique game modes, hundreds of track parts and a modular environment.

Create like an engineer
Create amazing roller coasters and fun attractions from scratch using hundreds of props, track parts and modular environments. As an engineer, you will solve intricate construction puzzles while building creations based on your boundless imagination.
Try Built Tracks
Prove your racing skills while testing the roller coaster. Xbox One users can also try out tracks shared by their friends, and Twitchers can show off their skills on Xbox Live. Challenge your friends to a race for the fastest time and achieve the highest scream rating.
Destroy like a demolition expert
Score points by destroying absolutely everything in the most explosive spectacle possible. As a demolition expert, you will be able to destroy the created tracks in several interesting ways. All this accompanied by real physics.