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Sims 3 (USA) (Region Free) PS3

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You can create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their wishes and manage their lives in a vibrant neighborhood. You can unlock all-new karma powers and use them on your Sims: make them lucky with "Get Lucky", bless them with big wins with "Giant Jackpot" or bind them with "Epic Fail". But use the powers wisely, because they can have unexpected consequences! You can design and build your Sims' dream homes, and share your creations with others. As you lead your Sims through life, you can complete challenges to unlock extra items as well as upgrades to buildings and the city itself. For the first time ever, you can upload and download material directly in-game, whether it's furniture, houses, sims or anything else!
  • Create all the Sims you can imagine and give them unique personalities! You can tweak their looks and create millions of different personalities. You can make them evil, romantic, paranoid, kleptomaniac, or a mix of something else entirely.
  • Build and customize! You can build the ultimate home for your Sims, improve your city with building upgrades and more.
  • Unlock brand new karma powers. Now you can take full control of your Sims and give them wealth, beauty and love - or take it all away from them with just one tap.
  • Control the destinies of your Sims. You can choose whether to fulfill your Sims' dreams or to crush them completely. Will your Sims become rock stars, world leaders or master thieves? It is entirely up to you.
  • Build and share online*! You can go online to share your productions and download material from other players from around the world without ever leaving the game.
  • Complete challenges to receive rewards. You can embark on short and long-term challenges to reap rewards. Go online* and share your achievements and trophies with your friends.
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