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Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery Switch

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Arcade medal games are fun to play, but you can never play enough since you can only go as far as your wallet takes you. This is the Switch version designed to make these children's dreams come true.

In "Medal Mode", offers the same basic gameplay as the arcade version, you can play as long as you want without worrying about your wallet, witnessing ghosts that you couldn't find in the arcade, and defeating bosses that you weren't able to defeat.

Scary Ghosts: Players can shoot at a variety of spooky ghosts that appear on the screen. The ghosts could have different abilities, like moving quickly or disappearing and reappearing in different places.

Power-ups: As players progress through the game, they can collect power-ups to help them defeat the ghosts more easily. These could include items like extra ammo, faster shooting, or temporary invincibility.

Multiple Levels: The game could have multiple levels that take place in different spooky locations, like a haunted house or a creepy graveyard. Each level could have its own set of ghosts and challenges.

Multiplayer: The game could feature local multiplayer, allowing friends to compete against each other to see who can shoot the most ghosts or get the highest score.

Boss Battles: At the end of each level, players could face off against a boss ghost that is more difficult to defeat than the others.

High Scores: The game could keep track of players' high scores and display them on a leaderboard, encouraging players to try to beat their friends' scores.

Upgrades: Players could earn coins or other rewards as they progress through the game, which they could use to upgrade their weapons or purchase new ones.

Time Limits: To add an extra level of challenge, each level could have a time limit, forcing players to shoot as many ghosts as possible before time runs out.

Hidden Secrets: The game could have hidden secrets or Easter eggs that players can discover by shooting certain objects or ghosts in a specific order.

Difficulty Levels: The game could have multiple difficulty levels, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.

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