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Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (USA) (Region Free) NDS

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In the years between Star Wars Episodes III and IV, Princess Leia proposes a dangerous quest to secure the future of the Rebel Alliance. As the deadly duo of a Twi’lek named Rianna Saren and her security droid, Zeeo, you must infiltrate Imperial-controlled planets, fight legions of evil enemies, and return with the plans for the most destructive weapon in the galaxy – the Death Star. Battle through the galaxy as a legendary mercenary team, steal the enemy’s deadliest secret, and triumph over evil in this untold Star Wars epic adventure.

• The first original Star Wars game made specifically for Nintendo DS.

• Use Rianna's acrobatics and weapon skills, and Zeeo's defences together to complete deadly missions

• Play as Rianna in third-person and Zeeo in first-person, using the DS-exclusive weapon, the Dual Cannon• Commandeer gun turrets, make death-defying flying escapes, and battle carnivorous beasts across a variety of planets

• Features appearances by familiar Star Wars characters including Boba Fett, Kyle Katarn, Princess Leia and Darth Vader

• Includes wide variety of stylus-controlled minigames

• Four-player wireless multiplayer mode including droid shootout, hide and seek and more