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Stitch: Experiment 626 (Italian Box - English in Game) PS2

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The PlayStation 2 game, Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 is an exciting prequel which places the gamer in the character of Stitch. The story focuses on Stitch's relations with his creator, Stitch is a mischievous six-limbed alien genetic experiment with no sense of morality. He is not evil, just mischievous and playful and destructive. Jumba, his creator, is a cruel man who treats Stitch as a servant.

Through their interactions with the military units trying to capture them (led by Gantu) and Stitch's rival, Experiment 621, Stitch becomes more independent of Jumba, eventually leaving him. This angers Jumba, and leads to their final confrontation. The end of the game sets up for the movie, with Jumba captured by Gantu and Gantu trying to capture Stitch.

Set in outer space and areas not seen in the movie, Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 is an exciting title combining puzzles, combat, destruction, exploration/collection in which the player controls Stitch for the entire game.

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