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Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360

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A civilization dependent on the ancient technology of "blastia" is engaged in a power struggle with the Empire that controls the knowledge. Two friends on different paths through life see their destinies intertwined in a captivating adventure where the very foundations of existence are threatened. Tales of Vesperia is the first Tales role-playing game in HD, providing graphic detail sharpness like never before.

Now real-time battles become even more exciting with cutting-edge graphics, the ability to fire deadly blows, combos and explosive arts. The next step in the acclaimed role-playing game series is released for Xbox 360.
  • A classic series is back - The latest version of the Tales RPG series sticks to the established gameplay that fans love.
  • NexGen quality visuals and audio - This is the first Tales game to feature HD graphics, movie-level animations and Dolby surround sound
  • Enhanced Real-Time Battles - Further refinements and additions to Tale's patented real-time battle game engine create the most action-packed and dynamic RPG battles ever.
  • Classic Game Figures - The game figures have been designed by the famous manga artist Kosuke Fujishima who is also behind the popular series Ah! My Goddess, Sakura Taisen and You're Under Arrest.
  • Immersive feel - The detailed environments, animations and artistic level are of such high quality that it feels like playing a cartoon
  • Dramatic story - A gripping tale of a hero in search of justice, loyalty and friendship who encounters unexpected events around every bend
  • A Decade of Storytelling - The first game to celebrate Tales' tenth anniversary.
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