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The Con (Italian Box - English in Game) PSP

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The Con is a beat 'em up with a twist. Beneath the brawling element, there lies an opportunity to gamble on the outcome of a fight. Sounds fair enough, you might think. But the big twist in this tale is the option to bet against your own performance, and therefore execute the titular Con. Quick Play is a great place to start with The Con.

In Arcade Mode, you can enter a variety of fights to learn the fighting system and try out the different fighting styles. If you want to test your ability to dish out punishment, play Time Attack to see how fast you can run the gauntlet of opponents. If you want to challenge your defensive skills, pick survival and see just how many opponents you can take out before you drop.

All bets are off in the Quick Play section of The Con so you don't have to worry about anything but driving the opposition into the ground. The Story Mode will take you through a series of fights as you and your crew of two other fighters make your way to the tournament known as 'Big Time'. It's completely up to you how you create and develop your team as there are many levels of customisation.

Your fighters will get progressively better as they level up thanks to the experience they earn by fighting. The Story Mode includes features such as team creation and development, the ability to unlock new characters, the chance to both earn and purchase items, and the golden opportunity to score large amounts of cash by pulling off the perfect Con.