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Tracks: The Train Set Game Switch

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Jump into the ultimate toy sandbox and build the train set of your dreams! Create colorful railway systems, decorate beautiful towns, transport commuting passengers, and even ride your train in first-person.

You have all kinds of objects to place in your world, including stations – but why not be creative and build one yourself?

Jump aboard your train and head for the metropolis, the scenic valleys, or even the coastal towns you’ve created to explore and experience.

Day or night, you can accept challenges to keep your passengers happy. Your vast open-world will be as magnificent as your imagination allows.

Your journeys will be as leisurely, or as hectic and time-sensitive as you choose. From stressful morning commutes to meandering through tunnels and valleys at your own pace
Build farms, towns, rivers, lakes, mountains, rocky claves, fairgrounds, or campsites near beaches. Your imagination is your limit.

Above all… have fun! You can go wild and jump ramps, smash into blocks, even construct amazing track formations that seem to defy gravity.

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