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Two Point Campus - Enrolment Edition (English/French Box) Switch

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This is Two Point Campus Enrollment Edition for the Nintendo Switch . It's time to turn academia upside down! Do you have a desire to learn? Or just want to build an educational masterpiece? Two Point Campus is packed with new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams. The only limit is your imagination, and your in-game bank balance.

Product Features of Two Point Campus Enrollment Edition for Nintendo Switch
Build outdoors for the first time as you develop a delightful educational campus environment, with the best educational facilities in the country. Whether you prefer to build on simple foundations or plant every tree, you can build the university you want.

But of course it wouldn't be a Two Point game without a twist. Instead of the typical academic fare, students in Two Point County enjoy a range of wild and wonderful courses: from Knight School (hey, we all have to learn how to joust at some point in our lives), to hunger-inducing gastronomy, where your students will build delicious creations such as gigantic pizzas and enormous cakes.

Build paths with new, easy-to-use tools. Plant glorious collections of outdoor flora. Install benches, fountains, sculptures, hedges - even picket fences.
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