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Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler (Move) (English/Arabic/Box) PS3

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Diggs Nightcrawler is a film-noir inspired, detective story developed exclusively for Wonderbook for PlayStation 3 in partnership with the Academy Award winning Moonbot Studio. Players will partner up with Diggs Nightcrawler, a bookworm detective, in his quest to solve the mysterious crimes in Library City. Use the unique Wonderbook to manipulate the world and discover surprises around every corner and over every page.

The Framed-up Victim:
Can you help bookworm detective Diggs Nightcrawler crack the case? Follow Diggs Nightcrawler as he unravels the truth behind the murder of his best friend Humpty Dumpty and his quest to clear his name. Experience an excellent story from the Academy Award-winning Moonbot Studios and enjoy an impressive sleuthing game focused on the tale of Humpty Dumpty's mysterious downfall.

Partner with Diggs:
Are you a worthy partner? Prove yourself and help bookworm gumshoe Diggs in uncovering the truth in this film-noir inspired detective story game. Explore every street of the stunning Library City that pops up and unfolds before your eyes. Look for clues; discover the hidden surprise in every corner and every page to pursue the villain. Remember, don’t let Diggs catch any trouble or it’s over kid!

  • Help bookworm gumshoe Diggs get to the bottom of a series of murky mysteries in Library City and prove yourself a partner he can rely on.
  • Interact with Wonderbook to search the streets of Library City for clues, question classic nursery rhyme characters and discover surprises on every page.
  • Enjoy a stylish story from Oscar-winning Moonbot Studios that mixes atmospheric sleuthing with the tale of Humpty Dumpty’s messy demise.
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