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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers PS4

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Take part in the next saga of the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV Online with the next legendary expansion pack-SHADOWBRINGERS!

Explore breathtaking new environments, encounter exotic new races, master exciting new jobs, and fight alongside prominent characters with the new Trust system as you embark on a new journey as the Warrior of Darkness!

With over 14 million adventurers worldwide, join the next chapter and become what you must. Become the Warrior of Darkness!

New adventure awaits in norvrandt; new jobs: gunbreaker and dancer.

New playable races: VI era and hrothgar; level cap increase from 70 to 80.

New towns to explore: the crystarium and eulmore.

Journey through expansive new areas, such as the rak'tika greatwood, amh araeng, built mheg, and lakeland.

New Trials, including harrowing encounters with titania and innocence.

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