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Total War: Empire - The Complete Edition PC

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Empire, Total War is set in the eighteenth century: a turbulent era marked by global conflict, revolutionary passion and technological progress. With themes like the Industrial Revolution, America's struggle for independence, the race for control of Eastern trade routes, and the globalization of war on land and sea, Empire, Total War is one of the richest and most dynamic RTS games of all time. Empire, Total War introduces 3D naval battles within the Total War series. Command vast fleets or isolated ships at sea with extraordinary water and weather effects that can make the difference between glorious victory or ignominious defeat. Destroy the enemy with cannon fire, close in to board the ship and command your men on and below deck as they engage in hand-to-hand combat to gain control of the ship. In addition to the revolutionary introduction of naval battles, Empire, Total War also sees improvements to the 3D battles and the turn-based campaign map, which are so characteristic of the Total War series. Real-time combat presents a new challenge with the addition of cannons and muskets. Players must learn new formations and tactics as powder has become increasingly important in warfare. The campaign map - which continues to play a central role within the expanded Total War - features new agents, a refined and streamlined interface, improved advisors and scaling based on India's resources, Europe's turbulence and the untapped potential of Northern America.
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